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Try Again, Smile Again

i'll never give up forever


About Me

Hello, I'm 23 years old and I live in Germany. Since October 2010 I'm studying dental medicine in Kiel to become a dentist in future (hopefully).

Love or Like
I like the sun when travelling through the world.
I like the rain when sitting home reading a book, listening to melancholy songs and drinking a hot tea.
I enjoy spending time with my precious friends and my family as well as meeting new people~
I love ice cream. I love the sea.
I love pretty photos.
I love Vienna.

About my Journal
When I first started this journal everything was about Johnny’s Entertainment. I used to listen to nearly all of its bands and tried to keep up with most of the fandoms which wasn’t very easy and also impossible. Now I'm more into British music though I still like to go back to being a Japanese Fangirl Nerd.
I'm not a very active writer and most entries contain personal stuff be aware of that.

My livejournal is Friends Only!
Please comment to be added. ^___^

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